mohan alembath, ex-wildlife warden and 63 year old blogger talks about his approach to blogging

കേരള ബ്ലോഗ്ക്യാമ്പ് - പ്രദീപ് സോമസുന്ദരം പാടുന്നു.

Speed caricaturist, Sajive in action. He came with the mission of srawing all 100 participants in the Kerala Blog Camp.

Sajjive Balakrishnan- a speed caricaturist who works in the Income Tax Dept, Kochi - fatcartoonist.blogspot ,

Guillam Marceau, a computer scientist that teaches in Trivandrum, on the disease that affects 70% of all programmers.

K Prasanna Kumar, former scientist, ISRO and career consultant and trainer on blogging

(L) Anand Subramaniam and (R) Kenney Jaco, the organisers of the Kerala Blog Camp, about the event and the sponsors.

Mani Karthik, tells the audience how to optimise their site to gain most traffic from search engines.

Anuragh Ojha from Jamnagar, Gujurat talks about his blog and why he is here -

A view from the conference hall boat on the backwaters of Kerala.

How I became a celebrity overnight

A short movie shot at technopark on movicamp.